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    Supporting our community is an important part to what JW does.

    Growing our economy

    JW is a teamster truck driver. He knows that jobs keep our community moving forward and prosperous. The career Politicians in Sacramento don't get the challenges facing our local communities.

    Giving Back

    JW knows the road ahead will come with it's challenges, he's not afraid to tackle the tough curves on the road.

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      Help JW for Secretary of State, volunteer positions are available for Phone Banking, Canvassing, and Event Hosting.

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    Vision & Mission

    Impacting Our Community

    JW understands of how our community has been impacted.
    Rising inflation and out-of-control spending in Sacramento has forced our children and the next generation to take on the cost burden.

    JW Knows Supply Chain

    As a truck driver, I understand the impacts of the supply chain crisis. As someone who is on the front lines I know how this will impact us in 2022 and beyond.

    JW Our Community

    As a community leader JW knows how our community will be impacted for years to come. JW must stand up for what is right for our community.









    What REAL Californians Are Saying...

    The homeless situation has gotten worse. Local business have struggled to stay open. 

    Politicians in our State Capitol  have done nothing that works and steered us on a bad course. 

    JW Paine is the strong leader that we need to drive California in the right direction. 


    – Elysebeth Boyd




    We don’t need more career politicians doing the same thing. Let’s face it…California is broken.

    We desperately need the experience and know how of JW to make the right choices and fix things.



    – Michael Plaza

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